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Sümer Caddesi, 50420 Mustafapaşa / Ürgüp / Nevşehir - Türkiye
Tel: +90 384 353 54 86, Faks: +90 384 353 54 87

Welcome to Gul Konaklari - Sinasos (Rose Mansions - Sinasos)

The town named Mustafapasa is one of the oldest villages found in Cappadocia. In 1923, after the Lausanne Pact, The Greek people evacuated their villages leaving countless monuments behind. One of these historical monuments is Gul Konaklari - Sinasos.

Gul Konaklari - Sinasos consists of three old Greek Mansions built on an area of 4000m2 in the mid 1900s. The restoration of our Mansions was started on September in 1998 and completed on June in 2002. While being so much careful about the Mansions authentic style of architectural characteristics, We decorated all our rooms with the best samples of Greek - Ottoman architectural synthesis. 

Gul Konaklari - Sinasos accomodates it's guests from all around the World with the Official Special Class (S) Certificate issued by the Turkish Goverment / Ministry of Culture & Tourism - For more information about our hotel please feel free to surf our webpage.

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