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Sümer Caddesi, 50420 Mustafapaşa / Ürgüp / Nevşehir - Türkiye
Tel: +90 384 353 54 86, Faks: +90 384 353 54 87

In Gul Konaklari - Sinasos all our guests are welcomed in their comfortable and Ottoman - Greek synthesis styled rooms. But what we offer isn't limited with perfect accommodation. The mansions have lots of great features which will make your Cappadocia visit unforgettable. 

HAMAM (Turkish Bath)
The Turkish Hamam tradition coming from centuries ago, will be waiting you in our Second Mansion. 
TANDIR (Tandoori)
Tandir is an oven consisting of a clay-lined pit or a large, earthen jar buried in the ground. Our special dinner is Bean cooked in Tandir. Taste the Turkish Kitchen (one of the 3 largest kitchens in the World) with delicious lunch and dinners. 
Rose Chalet is our large resting room in the center of front Garden. You can watch global channels (BBC, CNN, National Geographic) in English on TV with Digital Broadcasting. You can drink a Turkish Coffee or best selection Cappadocian Wine while chatting with your friends. 
Gül Konakları - Sinasos has one of the biggest Cappadocia Books collection in the region. 
With our three Meeting Halls: Baş Oda, Sarica and Damsa; We are ready with our equipment ifor your corparate meetings. 
Sirahane is the room which used for making wine. In Sirahane you can see all the process and machines for making the special Cappadocian wine from grapes. This room is also decorated with traditional decors in the style of a little museum to show the local life Cappadocia Culture to our Guests.